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Innovation and research have for us the aim to make the roads that we walk ever safer; stop the extremely heavy with the extremely light, Air.

Founded in 1962 as a precision machine shop, Bertocco has been transformed over the years from a small craft-company into an industrial one specialized in research, design, and manufacture of pneumatic equipment and fittings for industrial vehicles. At the beginning of 2013 with a new corporate structure and a new management, the Bertocco Air Truck Technology has started its activities, focusing on the components of the braking systems, suspensions and industrial vehicles’ equipment.

The new company is working with determination to strengthen its global presence with a dynamic and creative approach in order to enhance the high level of quality that always characterized the Bertocco Products. Innovation and research have for us the aim to make the roads that we walk ever safer; stop the extremely heavy with the extremely light,  Air.


Craft and technology: our products

Craft and technology

The company considers as essential the continuous dialogue with its customers regarding  their specific requirements and needs, providing them a complete and  prompt assistance. Each product is the result of a detailed study and a complete testing activity  which verifies the congruence between the original requirements and the results. Only in this way a product can get the Bertocco mark and can be presented to its demanding market. Experience and  professional service  are the key features of Bertocco truck Air Technology, making this company  the ideal partner for major manufacturers of trailers and trucks.

Products categories

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Placed on steering axles allow, through the insertion of a latch (tip of the cylinder), to block its axis during reverse gear or when an axis is raised.
Used to perform pneumatic control's drives.
Used for actuation of service braking, mainly used on agricultural purpose trailers.
Used for the service braking on commercial vehicles and trailers. They are applied to the brakes to wedge, to the drum brakesan to cam-wheel disc brakes.
They are used to operate the brakes of the truck and trailer during braking service (port 11) and the basing (junction 12).
Used in pneumoidraulic braking system to send to the actuators a hydraulic pressure after a pneumatic control.
They are manually operated valves in one or more ways that feed or pressure relieving their respective uses. An indicator can signal when the switch is actuated.
They are used on tippers and allow to control the various phases of tilting and operation of some services.
They have the same functions as the standard valves, but with reduced dimensions to allow the fixing to the dashboard.
They are used in systems of industrial vehicles for the management of braking as required by law.
These are valves that feed or discharge pressure to the respective uses after an electrical command.
They are used in systems of industrial vehicles to manage pneumatic suspension.
They are used to connect the system of the towed vehicle with that towed vehicle ones.
They are instruments to perform static and dynamic testing of vehicles and trailers according to provisions of the regulations.
Di seguito alcuni esempi di optional e accessori presenti nella nostra gamma di prodotti Bertocco Air Truck Technology.
Steel made and used to make the pneumatic connections between the various valves of the installations of the industrial vehicles.
They allow a quick connection and disconnection of the tube, acting on the release ring.
Brass made, are used to realize the pneumatic connections between the various valves of the installations of the industrial vehicles. They allow the insertion and locking of the tube without the use of specific tools.
There are different details that will complement the range of fittings.

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